My dad’s birthday


n december 10 ,2017 we celebrate for my dad’s birthday 1.First we go to the Beatch.

We sing to the videokae,we swim to the beatch ,we eat lots of food an then in afternoon we leave on the morning we go to the mall to buy a gift to my dad ,and we buy a magicsing cause my dad love to sing in 12:00 we starting decorite our house for my dads birthday an then we finish decorite then in afternoon we have a lot of visitors then in 5 :30 he open his gift his gift is….. a picture of my family

My most unforgettable vacation

My unforgettable vacation when i’am 9 years old we go to the Zamboanga to visit our peraño family .

We stay in 8 days in my grandparents on octuber 28,2018 we go to the City Mall ,

First we go to the jollibee to eat some food we like ,then we go to the cinema we watch many movies ,and then last we visit my cousins ,friends house, and thats my unforgettable vacation ever !..